Wednesday, 19 September 2012

SSPG Rabong Mountaineering Expeditions

Congratulations All Mountaineering Expeditions SSPG Successfully Completed Rabong
(14-16 Sept 2012)

 Routing track : -
1-climber going through Track Balak
2-river 1
3-through straw logs 15-20 min.
4-Track Balak
5-river 2
6-river Milo
7-through mossy rock climbing Trek 1-2hours 
  **slippery rocky path
8-Lorong Tikus (Alley Rats)
9-through 3-4 hours of hiking tracks
10-Camp Kor (ridge)
11-Bamboo Camp 1-2 hours 
12-Camp Helipad / Garden Flower-20min
   ** Do not stay here. haunted areas....
13-parks Camp 10 min
   **according to the guide there are two delicate creature that has   always been an observer here climbers.
14-Peak 40min-1hour
**Our group got through things creepy during at river milo, during the summit from the camp garden and when I returned to the camp from the top of the garden.

Rabong mountain info :

The mountain is named G. Rabong because looks like rabong (food cover) when viewed from Gua Musang, Kelantan. 1538m high mountain d.p.l. is marked with a metal pole dipuncaknya. The only mountain in the area of Gua Musang, Kelantan was placed under surveillance KESEDAR. This mountain has two trails, one from Felda Perasu and another from Kg. Sweet Water. Trail Kg. Sweet water through waterfalls and climbers abseiling. 



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